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Uniting Africa Using Blockchain Technology


Business owners & Freelancers can receive payments for goods and services instantly

Low Fees

We utilize Binance's Smartchain Technology to ensure payments are made with low fees.


Our Smart Contracts are executed using Blockchain, which makes it very secure.

The Problem

Based on statistics from African Development Bank, 22 percent of Africa's working-age population are starting businesses, but their contribution to the economic growth of Africa has been limited.

The Big Question Is: Why?

Poor Government economic decisions, High tax rates, outrageous transaction fees, corruption, and customs and trade regulations have been known to suffocate small businesses.

What are we trying to solve?

The birth of cryptocurrency has opened up a whole new way of making transactions through Smart Contracts with high speed, fluidity, and immense transparency.

As an active advocate of blockchain-based technologies, Our mission at Afripay is to provide the most secure, stable, and user-friendly crypto payment solution for the Entrepreneurial Masses In Africa.

We are a team of Business Owners, Blockchain Developers, Security Experts, and IT Specialists with over 10 years of experience.

Our Philosophy:

Security: We take our security very seriously as our website servers are protected against DDOS with Cloudflare Anti-DDOS technology.

Ease Of Use: Our products and interfaces are designed with a robust yet simple interface that even users with minimal computer knowledge can operate.

Low Transaction Fees: Our Smart Contract Token (APAY) is built on the Binance Smart Chain, known for its low transaction fees.

🔒 Contract: 0x58922CcbbC24447EE67949d2C12003D629e066D0

🔒 - Total Supply: 100000000

🔒 - Circulating Supply: ~ 1000000

APAY Distribution Model

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