What is Afriwallet?

Afriwallet is our Native, Secure Online Wallet App where you can store your APAY coins and other supported cryptocurrencies.

Users can download the Application on their Android Phones or their Iphones, register and you can start sending and receiving APAY Coins.


1 - Multicurrency support as you can add supported ETH and BEP20 tokens.

2 - EASY MANAGEMENT: Afriwallet allows you to send and receive your digital currencies, read QR codes and share your address with your friends

3 - CONTACT LIST - Afriwallet Wallet Handles the BSC addresses of your contacts in a simple and standard way

4 -TOKEN RECOGNITION - It detects the tokens supported by the Binance Smartchain

5 - TRANSACTION HISTORY - You can view the list of your token transactions

6 - BACKUP PROCESS - It allows you to generate a UTC file with a passphrase to backup all your crypto assets.